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Analyst predicts BTS will enlist in the military together in 2022


A financial analyst from Leading Investment and Securities recently gave a statement which the BTS army is sad to hear. The statement predicted that BTS will have to enlist in the army together in 2022.
As per the Korean law, all men have to serve around 20 months in the korean army. Sadly, BTS is not an exception. According to the analyst, BTS will enlist together in the army so that they can continue to make music once they have finished their service.
Big Hit Music has now commented on these reports. They gave a statement to Tenasia which read ‘ We have nothing further to say about their military enlistment besides what our artist has already said. We ask for your understanding’
Last year, while promoting their album BE, Jin was asked about enlisting in the military. He said that he would be ready to enroll in the army whenever the country needed his services.

In December 2020, the Ministry of Defense made an amendment to the Military Service Act. This amendment allows K-pop artists to delay their military service until the age of 30. BTS’ Jin will be able to postpone his enlistment till 2022 according to the act.


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