Chaeyeon puts up an Instagram story that gets deleted due to ‘harassment and bullying!


K-pop artists are always under the spotlight. One way that they connect with the fans is by using social media. Instagram stories, tweets, posts, etc help idols to give fans a glimpse into their daily life.

Recently, Former IZ*ONE member Chaeyeon put up an Instagram story. Fans were happy to see the idol active but Instagram deleted the story due to Instagram’s community guidelines. The story featured Chaeyeon along with her friend. They can be seen in their dance practice room. The story had these words ‘My friend is the little bean. How to learn choreography using mirror mode. Use a real mirror.’

The story soon got deleted and this truly baffled the fans and Chaeyeon. To justify her random deleting of her Instagram story, Chaeyeon posted a screenshot of the alert that Instagram sent her. She captioned the screenshot with “Huh..?”.

The screenshot when translated spilled that she had violated the community guidelines and that her story had been deleted due to harassment or bullying.

This isn’t the only time that idols have had to take action as Instagram has a strict code of ethics.


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