Certain Habits to take under consideration for preventing Hair Fall

Hair Fall

Hair makes you look beautiful, and healthier hair vanishes the main problem of Hair loss. Hair fall is the common condition among the females, and there are multiple factors like Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormonal changes, childbirth, stress, depression and so on. On an average, if a human face 50 to 100 single hairs falling per day then it is considered normal, because when a hair falls a new hair is grown. The situation can become worst when hair falls more and grows less.

Below mentioned are certain factors that can help you deal with hair fall problems:-

1) Proper Diet

Maintain a proper and healthy diet with the food that includes protein, vitamins A, B, C, D, iron, selenium, and zinc because it will help in reducing the nutrition deficiencies from the body. Food like eggs, nuts, fish, low-fat dairy products, chicken, beans and peas, parsley, basil, salad greens all this can result in healthy and happier hair growth.

 2) Coconut oil

Coconut oil has always resulted best in the hair growth process. Massage your hair with coconut oil one day prior from the hair wash, as it will increase the blood flow and protect your hair from breakage. It will provide your hair with deep nourishment and prevent them from damage.

3)  Gentle styling

Try to style your hair gently, and don’t be too harsh on your hairs. Avoid tight braids, rubber bands, pins hairbands. Try soft rubber bands instead and also don’t use heat stylers like straightener, curler, and hair dryers unless and until it is necessary.

4) Hair processing

When you are already facing hair fall problems, try managing your hairs more in natural way. Don’t do any hair coloring or chemical treatments on your hair. This is important because it might worsen your hair fall problem and therefore overcome it, it is suggested to keep your hair away from chemicals.

5)      Washing Hair

Sometimes hair fall can occur due dirty scalp which results in hair problems like itching, irritation, dandruff and much more. To avoid all this problems it is suggested that you should watch your hairs in every 2 days. If your scalp is clean and healthy then yourr hair will automatically stay healthy.

Also try to use clean comb with wide bristles. Don’t use chemical based shampoos, instead go for natural shampoos that does not include paraben and sulphate free. Also do exercises like jogging, yoga, dance because if the hair fall is caused by stress or due to any other mental health problem then it will respond to it well. Exercises increase the circulation of blood flow in the body, which will result in faster and healthier hair growth.


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