What exactly are multisource oils, and why are they so popular?

multisource oils

People’s cooking habits have shifted dramatically in recent years. During the pandemic, more and more individuals have realised that a healthy diet is one that is well-balanced and gives your body with all of the nutrients it needs to be active, healthy, and energised. Your body may become prone to infections and illnesses if it is out of balance.

Because oil is one of the most essential elements in Indian cuisine, it’s critical to pick a cooking oil that’s low in absorption, enriched with vitamins, and light enough to use on a daily basis. According to research, using multisource (blended) oils or a mixture of oils to receive a fair proportion of all fatty acid classes, including MUFA and PUFA, is recommended.

Oil is subjected to a variety of cooking temperatures, which can cause corrosion. Cooking oil oxidation creates harmful chemicals that are the source of underlying health problems. Unsaturated fats are more likely than saturated fats to oxidise.

To prevent this and loss of unsaturated fatty acids, the concept of blending two oils came into practice making it a healthier version of providing multisource nutrients to your body.

Multisource oil gives you the benefits of two oils in one, giving you better health and immunity by maintaining a balanced ratio of vital nutrients from different oils.

* Certain multisource oils can help improve immunity and keep cholesterol levels in check.

* They make meals healthier and less sticky by reducing oil absorption.

* They include monounsaturated fats and a variety of beneficial vitamins.

* They include omega 3,6,9, as well as the proper ratio of MUFA and PUFA, all of which help to keep the heart healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease.

* They include healthy fats, which are important for maintaining general physical health and facilitating blood circulation.


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