It’s always fascinating to see films of interactions between animals of various types. What’s more, do you know what’s even better? Those video in which animals of various kinds assist one another in escaping a tricky circumstance. Like in this video of a buffalo assisting a tortoise.

The exact date and location of the video’s capture are unknown. Many people have re-shared the video on numerous social media networks. Just like IFS officer Susanta Nanda’s tweet. “Everyone has the ability to be nice… “Buffalo turns a tortoise around to save it (as shared),” he wrote beside the video.

The footage begins with a buffalo standing beside a tree, attempting to push something. Closer inspection reveals that the animal is flipping an upside-down turtle with its horn. Even if the bovine fails at first, it persists until it succeeds.

The video has more than 66,000 views and counting since it was shared two days ago. The post has also gotten a lot of feedback.

“Aww! That was the most refreshing awakening I’ve experienced in a long time! Amazing how a powerful beast can donate a horn to such a little creature is utterly gorgeous and he did it carefully!!” an Instagram user commented. “Wow!! “I’m more amazed that the buffalo recognises that the turtle is unable to turn on its own and need assistance,” said another. “The highest virtue of a living person is humanity toward all creatures,” said a third.

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