Abhishek Bachchan’s depiction of Bob Biswas has gotten a lot of attention. The film is a sequel to Vidya Balan’s Kahaani and centred around antagonist Bob Biswas, who was initially played by Saswata Chatterjee. However, not everyone is ready to embrace Abhishek as the new Bob, as seen by their reactions on Twitter. An irate fan blamed the casting on the production company. He stated, “@RedChilliesEnt has let me down. #SaswataChatterjee is the one who made us fall in love with the character #BobBiswas. You can never replace him with a star child and reproduce the flavour he gave to the character. You’ve basically fouled everything up.”

“#saswatachatterjee captured my heart for portraying #BobBiswas, he was an exceedingly eerie looking figure who created an atmosphere of mystery,” added another. This character now gets his own film, yet there’s no Saswata in it? “Can blockbuster films only be created with exceptionally well-known actors?”

A fan pointed out that Saswata’s Bengali heritage played a significant role in his portrayal of Bob Biswas. He stated, “Sorry, but #saswatachatterjee is much missed in #BobBiswas. @Juniorbachchan yet you couldn’t even convey the Bengali middle-class subtleties that helped shape the character. But it’s not your fault.”

“Nope,” said another. Thumbs down, the original #saswatachatterjee was far superior!”

“The original BobBiswas #saswatachatterjee would be extremely proud of @juniorbachchan for pushing the enigmatic character of #BobBiswas to new heights in this wonderful spin-off,” a fan tweeted. “2 thumbs up.” “While Saswata Chatterjee made you fear Bob Biswas,” wrote another. He is made lovable by @juniorbachchan. #BobBiswas is maybe the first spin-off Hindi film based on a character, hence I had high hopes for it. Keep an eye out for Abhishek, Kolkata, and Kali da. “A excellent film for #weekend #movies.” “It’s not about animosity; I simply want to see Saswata as Bob Biswas, and Abhishek is a great actor,” said another.

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