“Dishonoring” Bangladeshi terror victims is a crime that a Bollywood director is being sued for


After the Holey Artisan terror incident, Hansal Mehta’s relatives criticized him for not getting their permission before filming the film.

There has been controversy in Bangladesh about a planned Bollywood film about the Holey Artisan Restaurant terror assault, as victims’ relatives feel it will dishonor their loved ones and disturb religious sensibilities in the country.

Hansal Mehta, a Bollywood director, did not obtain permission from the family members to represent the final moments of their dead kin, according to the family members.

The plot of “Faraaz” is yet to be revealed. It appears that the film’s narrative revolves around one of the victims of the Holey Artisan Massacre – in which 29 people were slain, including 20 hostages – a man named Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain (17 foreigners and 3 locals).

Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Restaurant was under siege for 12 hours on July 1, 2016, and is considered the deadliest terrorist assault in Bangladesh’s history. Daesh-affiliated young men with heavy weapons carried out the slaughter, which was viewed as the ultimate act of barbarism.

One victim, Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, stood out in the attack. Abinta Kabir, a US citizen, and Tarishi Jain, an Indian citizen, were waiting for him at the Holey Artisan restaurant that night. The four went to school together in Dhaka at a top institution.

So, when the terrorists rushed in, segregating people according to their ethnicities and religions…Farraz was given the choice to walk free. The young man refused to leave his buddies behind and remained loyal to them. Later that night, the three companions were slain by unknown assailants.

In the wake of the controversy, Abinta Kabir and Tarishi Jain’s families have spoken out against the film, which bears the name Faraaz. After Hansal Mehta was sued, the film’s production was put on hold for an indefinite period of time.

Because of “the rawness of that night’s anguish,” the two families believe it’s best to prohibit such films for good.


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