For Anil Kapoor growing up, “travelling in cabs was a big thing.”

Anil Kapoor

As part of his preparations for a famous culinary programme, Anil Kapoor reminisced about his youth. During his childhood, Anil Kapoor became close friends with cab drivers.

As of September 15, actor Anil Kapoor is scheduled to feature in the celebrity cooking competition Star versus Food Season 2. While Anil was preparing a tasty meal for his pals, he reminisced about his youth.

Anil vividly recalled the time he and his family used to travel by cab, when he rode in a taxi with chef Ganesh. Remember that Anil’s father, the late Surinder Kapoor, struggled for years to establish himself as a Bollywood producer. Anil and Sanjay Kapoor, as well as producer Boney Kapoor, will carry on his legacy in the years to come.

According to Anil’s testimony on the show, his family used to reside in Chembur, where even taxi rides were considered a luxury (Tilak Nagar). We didn’t own a car, so we relied on BEST buses to go about. Then, when our health improved, we took cabs to get to our destination. Taking cabs would be a hassle.”

In the neighborhood where they resided, he claimed, they had built a relationship with taxi drivers. “A large population of taxi drivers existed in Sion while we were there. We would go to them if we needed change for 100 or our mother needed it. Taxis have provided me with some of my most memorable memories.”

Celebrities cook alongside a chef who guides them in Star vs Food. Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karan Johar appeared on the show before.

Director Farah Khan, star Arbaaz Khan and Maheep Kapoor will also appear in this episode of the show.

Actor Anil Kapoor is a veteran actor in Bollywood and one of the most well-known. He’s often in the headlines, whether it’s for his movies or, more recently, for the way he bulked up. Earlier this year, Anil’s daughter Rhea Kapoor married her husband in his Mumbai residence. Karan Boolani, a fellow producer with whom she had been dating for 12 years, became her husband.


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