Jackie Shroff On Son Tiger ‘He Is Like A Cherry On My Head’

Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff, turned a year older just yesterday.

The actor’s fan following is very huge. Be it his dance moves or his action cinemas cinema buffs cannot have enough of it.

Kids and GEN next admire Tiger Shroff greatly. In addition, whether it is his fitness regime or videos of him playing football, they become a rage in social media.

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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Jackie Shroff shared about how they will be celebrating Tiger’s birthday.

He said and we quote,

“I usually plant a tree in his name, and my boy would have planned something for himself, his mother and the little baby Krishna.
I have a shoot that day, so they must have planned something in the evening, probably a dinner at home”

In addition Jackie Shroff also spoke about Tiger Shroff’s focus and he also highlights the happiness he feels to be known as Tiger’s Daddy. He said,

“He was a dreamer as a kid and he is still a dreamer, dreaming of his work and his health. He is just focused on things that he feels is the right thing to do at this time.
It is nice that little kids love him so much. I get so happy when I meet kids and they say ‘He does this so well’, ‘How did he make a six pack’, and ‘What does he eat’,”
“That is what I always wanted. It is like you go through waves, you go up and down, and suddenly my son has got onto a different rise, because everyone has accepted me as Tiger’s dad.
They like my work, but it is like a cherry on top. He is like a cherry on my head.”

In addition the Bollywood bhidu Jackie Shroff response about Tiger’s marriage plans is a must read. Jackie says Tiger is married to his work right now.  And he also adds,

“He is married to his work right now. I don’t think he is going to defocus because once he focuses on something then he has a laser like focus. If he gets married, I know he will be going to focus on that.”

(Source : Hindustan Times)

Yesterday was actor Tiger Shroff’s birthday and as a gift to his fans Heropanti 2’s release date and poster was shared.



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