Kashika Kapoor is a born star.
She’s killed it with her back to back super hits. First dil pe zakhm ,then tu laut aa & now NEENDRA. Hee performances have won the audience’s hearts. A multi-talented girl,who can act,dance,do martial arts & so much more. This same girl is the one who’s become the face of the international video game FREEFIRE as moco(the main character) of the game.
Kashika kapoor has a lot of more bangers releasing soon. This girl reportedly rejected a lot of projects recently & has been quite in the limelight for being loved by her fans & her audience. Kashika kapoor is shown as a cool stud dude with cute/hot looks in NEENDRA & we can’t wait for her upcoming project which is reportedly a Hollywood project of her with a rapper. This one’s gonna be a super hit. Kashika kapoor is extremely talented & started working at the age of 15,being a girl who’s born and brought up in mumbai itself & from a very well off family..she decided to follow her dreams ! This girl is also a national level sport winner & a scholar back in school. She’s a 98% student & a complete nerd. She’s also a kathak dancer since the age of 5. What can this girl not do? She knows everything & can do it all very perfectly. Kashika’s time is now & with her back to back success people are already getting jealous of her & trying to pull her down but this girl is only getting stronger & bigger ,she seems unbothered by what people say/do ,She’s a star. She’s extremely humble & grounded.

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