Shakti Kapoor flares up as Crime master Gogo for Disney+Hotstar Original, leaves daughter Shraddha dreading

Shakti Kapoor

Actor Shakti Kapoor, who entertained and cackled the audiences with his role Crime Master Gogo in the 1994 released comedy film ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, is primed up to revive the iconic character in Disney +Hotstar’s new project. 

On Monday, the streaming platform posted a series of videos on social media, wherein Shakti Kapoor is seen dressed up as Crime Master Gogo alongside a caption that read, “Hello? Kaun? Gogo. Naam toh suna hoga,” with the hashtag, #GogoIsBack. 

In another video, a person can be seen talking on the phone, when Shakti, dressed as Crime Master Gogo, passes him and promptly steals his phone. When the person asks for his phone back, he replies, “Aaye hai, toh kuch toh leke jayenge”. 

Shraddha Kapoor also took to Instagram to share a video that featured her with her father as Crime Master Gogo. In the video, Shraddha is seen busy applying nail polish when Gogo suddenly interrupts her, steals her nail polish and leaves. As Shraddha calls her father ‘Bapu’, Shakti corrects her and says, “I am Crime Master Gogo. I am back. Aaya hu toh kuch toh loot kar jaunga.” 

Shakti Kapoor

Shraddha then exclaims”Arre Bapu nail polish toh chhod dete (Dad, you should have spared my nail polish at least!) and deplores over the need to bring back Crime Master Gogo and says that who knows what he will steal next. 

The character will soon be seen in Disney+ Hotstar project. Speaking about it, Shakti said, “I can’t reveal much about the show as the platform will make the announcement but all I can is that It was a surreal moment to recreate such an iconic character. It became extra special as it also features Shraddha. It was a dream come true to work with her. I have always been a fan of her work. She fondly calls me bapu (father) and loves the character of Crime Master Gogo. In fact, she jokes around saying that she is Crime Master Gogi . It would be interesting if someone can make a film called Crime Master Gogo Aur Uski Beti Gogi. It would be fun.” 

Actress Karisma Kapoor, who was one of the leads in Andaz Apna Apna also tells everybody to beware because Crime Master Gogo is back in an instagram post. 

She says, “Sun liya na Shraddha Kapoor ki baat?!Saari duniya khabardar, hide your valuables!” 

Talking about Crime Master Gogo coming back, Karishma Kapoor says, “Crime Master Gogo is a character that absolutely gets ribs tickling with joy instantly even till date being a part of the cult movie Andaz Apna Apna, which has received so much love over the years. Shakti Kapoor aced this character fabulously and hence this iconic character is still remembered. It was instantly nostalgic for me and brought back so many fun memories. Viewers are definitely in for a fun surprise as they find out is baar agar Crime Master Gogo aayega toh kya aur kyun leke jayega.”

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