Sunny Leone will be joining the cast of the Bollywood movie ‘Patta’ along with Sreesanth!

Sunny Leone

Bollywood movies gain a lot of attention from people all over the world. This is why it is very important to cast good and fit-for-the-role actors in the movies that are produced. Last month, it was revealed that cricketer-actor Sreesanth will be seen in Patta. ‘Patta’ is being directed and scripted by R Radhakrishnan.

It has now been revealed that Sunny Leone will be playing a role in the film too. The director has revealed, “Sreesanth is playing a CBI officer in the film and his investigation will lead to a subject that interests women. We felt those portions should be presented through a powerful female character. We wanted to rope in an internationally renowned artiste for the same, and felt Sunny Leone would be apt for the role.”

R Radhakrishnan spilled that he didn’t initially think that Sunny Leone would consider the role as it is quite different from her previous roles. He said, “Her character, Anjali, is very different from everything she has done so far, and there is also an element of risk in it. But she said yes soon after we discussed it with her and now, she is prepping for her part. I believe it is great that we are getting to convey an important subject through a powerful woman on screen,”


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