Trina Saha’s career as a Bengali actor appears to be on the correct road. Trina is extremely busy, with new films, modelling gigs, and a daily soap in the works. The Bengali beauty most recently collaborated with none other than Bollywood superstar Sidharth Malhotra. For a recent commercial shot for a major video-sharing app, she shared the screen alongside Sidharth.

When Trina was offered the ad starring Sidharth, she was overjoyed. For the new ad, she also shot a dance scene with the Bollywood star. In an ‘Atpoure Laal Paar Sada Saree’ (white saree with red border) and traditional jewellery, she looked extremely lovely. During the shoot, Trina was enamored by Sidharth’s down-to-earth demeanor and humility. She expressed her respect for the actor, who made his acting debut in a Karan Johar film.

On Sidharth’s ‘Ishq Wala Love,’ Trina couldn’t stop herself from tapping her feet. Trina posted a video on her Instagram account featuring the Bong beauty and one of her favorites Bollywood celebrities.

Fans of Trina are ecstatic to witness their favorites actress tap her toes with Sidharth. In the reel footage, the two had a smoldering connection.

While Trina is overjoyed, her husband, Neel Bhattacharya, couldn’t be happier.

Trina is now starring in Leena Gangopadhyay’s ‘Khorkuto,’ which has been remade in other languages, including Hindi. In this daily serial, she is coupled with actor Koushik Roy. Trina’s debut TV program, ‘Khokababu,’ with Pratik Sen, was also a success.

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