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BTS inspiring people to create lasting changes in the world


Not only BTS is known for their dominance over the global music industry but also for their actions towards the most important it issues. BTS is made up of seven members- Jin, Suga, J- Hope, RM, V, Jimin and Jungkook. They have their fans from all over the world. Even though they are so much successful globally but they never let the stardom go to their heads.

BTS inspires others to changes for good in the world which are listed below-

  1. The whole band of BTS run campaign #End volience against children with the help of UNICEF. They promoted self-love and mental health and also appeared everyone to end violence against children. Not only this they also donated money for the same campaign and supported the victims of school violence, domestic violence and sexual assault.
  2. They support and donate for the people who wants to learn but do not have sufficient the resources and finance to get proper education. They believe that everyone has the right to learn despite of their financial issues.
  3. They so stood up against racism. They also donated for the Black Lives Matter organisation. In 25 hours they got the donation of more than 1 million dollars.
  4. They also donate for health care, some people do not have the funds to pay their hospital bills. Their donation helps search families and children who are in need for financial assistance. Leave that every children has the right to get proper treatment.
  5. They believe that no children should be hungry. They donate for people who are not getting meals. De a belief that no one should sleep empty stomach and whenever anyone gets a chance to help someone who is a need then they should definitely help.

6.They also care about the environment and climate change which is having a negative impact on human lives. The reason why they appealed their fans to help them in saving the environment and to take action against the climate change.


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