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BTS’ Jimin reveals the songs he listens to when he is alone!


BTS enjoys a wide number of fans worldwide. They are called the BTS Army and the fandom is said to be one of the most supportive ones! BTS’ Jimin has now given some musical recommendations and the Army couldn’t be happier!

Jimin graced Melon‘s BIGHIT MUSIC RECORD with his presence this week. Here, he spilled the details about his favorite songs:

  1. Coffee Shop

“Coffee Shop” by JUNO-nominated singer-songwriter Barbra Lica is one of the tracks on Jimin’s list. This track is a chill and relaxing jazz song.

  1. A Song About Being Sad

Jimin added Rex Orange County’s “A Song About Being Sad” to the list as he enjoys the lyrics and pondering the meaning of the lyrics. He often thinks about Rex Orange County’s lyrics and their true meaning.

  1. In Return

Jimin revealed that he listens to In Return at least once in a few days ever since he discovered the track from the movie Like Crazy. He enjoys the sweet and relaxing melody of this song.

  1. I Need Some Sleep

This song is every Shrek fan’s favorite! This song by Eel is in the movie Shrek and on Jimin’s list too!


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