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BTS’ Jungkook displayed his great ability to catch and imitate a perfect pitch and the members reacted!


BTS has always been working very hard to keep the fans happy. However, this week, BTS got to go for a staycation. On this week’s episode of Run BTS!, the members were put in different rooms and had to complete some tasks.

The first task was to imitate a tune that is playing. The members were playing this to win the biggest room. The staff would press a number of bells in a specific order to create a tune, and the members had to replicate that pattern.

In this perfect pitch test, not one of the members was super confident. Jungkook said, “I know the notes, but I don’t know the notes’ names.”

However, Jungkook went ahead and played the notes perfectly with not one strand of sweat! Leader RM was extremely proud of Jungkook, saying, “This is a legend. I’ll admit it.”

J-Hope won all hearts with his reaction. He said, “Seriously. Even though he’s in our group, not only does he bend the arm inward, it bends outwards. It’s been ten years since we met, but this is the coolest you’ve looked.”

After that perfectly played tune, he won the biggest suite in the hotel and continued to prove his musical talent.


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