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BTS member J-Hope donates 150 million won to charity on his Birthday


BTS member, better known as J-Hope was born on 18th February 1994 in South Korea. J-Hope celebrated his 27th birthday with the needy and poor children’s of Korea. He went to the Child Fund Korea and helped needy children who are suffering from hearing disabilities, any many more diseases as well as supported them with finance child care and their education academic support.

This is another step by the BTS  fans. The army has donated 18 donations in the past two years in the name of J-Hope. According to the reports Chairman Lee Je-hoon says that Famous BTS star J-Hope donation helped many low income families and disable kids.

J-Hope is one of the member of the foundation’s Green Noble Club, and ranked 146th member, they are the major donors who have shared over 100mn. J-Hope donated around 100 million to the Covid-19 affected children and families. J-Hope inspired his fans and army with this financial help of needy people.

“I heard that the number of families in vulnerable situations is increasing significantly due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis, and support for disabled children is urgently needed,” said J-Hope said, a statement to Korean media.


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