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BTS reacts to disabled fans participating in their TikTok dance challenges!

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BTS is one of the most adorned boy bands of their time. Armys go to great lengths to celebrate and commemorate every achievement that BTS has. They enjoy all of their birthdays, records, awards, and of course, releases.

For BTS‘s Premiere Party for “Permission to Dance,” fans had a great thing planned. BTS sat down and saw their fans from all different races, genders, nationalities, and abilities participate in their dance challenge. That is when BTS talked about how good it felt to see their reach and impact. Out of the many videos that they watched, they watched one of Hajung and Woo-Ryeong’s videos. They are two great YouTubers who are disabled and enjoy BTS’ music. When they watched that video, Jin immediately reacted to it. He said, “I don’t know if they also get more energy from us, but watching them gives us more energy.”

They also talked about how they gain strength from the Army and vice versa.

Jin added, “In fact, their situation may be a little harder than others, but just being in this together gives us a lot of strength and we want to try harder and show them more.”

This just proved that both, Army and BTS, have the most beautiful bond and depend on each other.


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