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BTS’ Suga wants to be nominated for and win a Grammy!

BTS’ Suga

BTS is one of the most popular boy bands of all time. They have received so many awards that it is impossible to keep count. However, BTS’ Suga is still waiting to receive a Grammy award!

BTS recently sat down for a talk on ‘SBS’s Eight O’Clock News’. There, they revealed their thoughts about Butter getting dethroned after 8 whole weeks by yet another BTS single, Permission to Dance. The Billboards Hot 100 chart is all caught up with BTS’ new singles.

The host asked Suga, “I heard that anything Suga says comes true?” To this, Suga responded, “If possible, I still have the desire to be nominated again. And I want to receive the Grammy.”

The host also talked about Suga’s nickname ‘Minstradamus’. To this, Suga replied, “I’ve actually gotten a lot of things right when it comes to what I want, so I thought everything I say is right, but recently I had a dream about a pig so I bought a lottery ticket and didn’t get anything. But pertaining to your work Mr. Anchor…”

This is when RM took the lead and said, “He’s already achieved so much he’s the face of the company.” To this, the anchor said, “Please don’t edit this out!”


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