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BTS takes the FESTA Exam 2021!

FESTA Exam 2021

The Bangtan Boys hold ARMY in the highest regard. To celebrate their 8th anniversary, BTS has put together a fun and enjoyable quiz for ARMY to take part in. The test is a creative way to check your BTS knowledge.

While fans all over the world are taking the quiz, BTS joined in the fun and took the FESTA Exam themselves. The band’s official page has dropped in a video featuring the boys and their adorable way of taking the test.

The test put their own knowledge to the test as they answered questions about their music, career and achievement, song lyrics, and more.  They had a timer set and the questions ready. It is said that RM is the wisest of all the Bangtan boys and he did score a great mark. He scored an impressive 75 points but that wasn’t the highest score.

The highest score was a great 83.5 points. It was tied between the golden maknae, Jungkook, and adorable J-Hope. Jimin bagged the third position with 63.5 points, Jin came close and scored 62.5 points. V and Suga were tied at the last position with a score of 57.5 points each.


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