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BTS to release a new single ‘Butter’ in May 2021!


BTS has a unique and adorable way of keeping the fans on their toes. Fans all over the world were surprised when BTS put a confusing and mysterious live countdown on their official youtube channel, BANGTANTV. This was put up at 10 AM EST and fans had to wait for an entire hour without gaining any leads. The countdown video was visually pleasing. It featured a piece of butter melting along with the sound of someone cooking.

As soon as the video was put up, fans started discussing various theories and possibilities. Some thought maybe the video had something to do with the upcoming McDonalds’ collaboration. Fans were on their toes the whole time.
At 11 AM EST, the exciting news was released in the best way possible. The melting butter turned into a heart! The word ‘Butter’ appeared and the release date : 21st May 2021, 1 A.M. KST appeared on the screens.
That is when fans realised that BTS’ new single is titled Butter. Big Hit Music told Weverse, ‘Brimming with the inimitable charm of BTS, the new single “Butter” will melt its way into the hearts of all ARMYs. Dip into the sometimes smooth, other times charismatic enchantment of BTS with their latest music.


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