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BTS’ V releases a teaser of his new song


ARMY received a sweet and melodious surprise from BTS’ V! V took to twitter today and gave the ARMY a sneak peek into his new, unreleased song.
The BTS’ fandom was patiently waiting for V’s mixtape after he dropped a few hints. However, now they cannot wait anymore after hearing the teaser of his new song. V captioned this tweet as ‘sleep’ and fans have made this song their favorite lullaby.The clip featured a melodious audio where BTS’ V can be heard singing a soft tune. The song has both Korean and English lyrics. The English lyrics, as translated by fans, seem to be “Can I go to bed and sleep tonight? May I lean my body on you now. I’ll come back to tell another story of mine,”

A fellow BTS fan took to twitter and released the korean translation. It reads “The silent night approaches me/and when i look towards the window with an empty gaze/i see the clouds outside are still walking [in the sky]/and the ruffling of my bed covers/ slowly, slowly fades away/ slowly, slowly the night fades away,” as translated by @btstranslation7.
Fans from all over the world took to twitter to share how much they loved this snippet and how much they look forward to V’s mixtape!


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