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BTS: When birthday boy Jungkook revealed that before he was born, his mother dreamed of golden rain and seven piglets


Jungkook, a well-known member of the BTS army, turned 24 on September 1st. Due to his many abilities such as singing, dancing, and rapping, he has captivated the hearts of people all around the world at such a young age. Jungkook’s supporters have given him the moniker Golden Maknae. On the other hand, on his birthday, Jungkook revealed about a magnificent dream that his mother had before he was born.

During an interview with Focus News, Jungkook revealed his mother’s dream, according to Soompi. He stated, “Rain started to fall in a village but the places that got touched by the raindrops turned into gold.” Earlier, in 2019 during the BTS’ 5th Muster event, Jungkook revealed his mother had a second conception dream, in which there were seven black piglets feeding on their mother’s milk, he told fans. Jimin joked that the mother pig was Bang Si-hyuk, the former CEO of HYBE and the man behind BTS.

Jungkook is a multi-talented performer. He is one of the group’s top singers and dancers, and he has also demonstrated his rapping ability. He is also a gifted athlete, artist, gamer, and filmmaker, among other things.

On the occasion of his birthday, his posters are displayed all over the world. This time, people in India also celebrated his birthday, and posters commemorating his birthday have been placed throughout the country. The fans are unable to remain calm because it is Jungkook’s birthday. From India to Japan to Peru to Ukraine, fans are going to great lengths to ensure that their love reaches Jungkook.


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