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‘Butter’ co-writer praises RM’s Musical talent!


BTS released their superhit single ‘Butter’ on May 21st. Ever since they have broken records and records. The single has gathered a lot of love, attention, and praise from fans and critics alike. Butter was co-written by Jenna Andrews.

In a new interview with Genius, Jenna Andrews was asked how it felt to collaborate with RM and she had a lot of sweet things to say. “RM really doesn’t get enough credit for his world-class executive production talent,” began Jenna. She then talked about how the world doesn’t realize how much RM has influenced the music that BTS produces, how he works extremely hard behind the curtain,  and how well he juggles as BTS’ leader and a performer. Jenna talked about how the demo pitches that BTS received are not complete until the rap section of the song is edited and created to fit the theme BTS is looking for.

Next, Jenna informed the fans that every music-related decision that RM makes goes on to affect not just BTS’ music but also the whole music and entertainment industry. Jenna feels that RM doesn’t just influence the BTS World but also the “music and pop culture at the highest levels.”

Jenna feels that RM has a “superhuman level of professionalism and talent”!


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