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eAeon and RM drop the music video for ‘Don’t’

Music video Don't

BTS’ RM and eAeon from MoT and Night Off have worked on a collaboration and named it ‘Don’t’. They had previously worked on ‘badbye’ which was a part of RM’s mixtape, Mono.
‘Don’t’ is the title track of eAeon’s new album Fragile. The song portrays the pain of breaking a relationship and hurting someone you love. It is a heartbreaking and vulnerable song.
eAeon also told the fans that RM has contributed not just his angelic voice to the song but he also co-wrote the lyrics. eAeon said, “ I gave the accompaniment to RM without any instructions or guidance, saying ‘This is your part,’ and he gave me perfect lyrics, melody, and vocal arrangement.”

Fans are now praising RM for being such a great lyricist as well. Comments from ARMYs read how RM is BTS’ leader because of such great talents. The fans have dissected the lyrics and analysed how amazing they are. This just shows how much effort RM puts in writing the perfect lyrics.
Fans were amazed by the whole feel and lyrics of the new video. There is no doubt that this is yet another piece of art that the fans have come to adore!


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