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Epik High’s Tablo reveals how he feels when artists like BTS refer to him as their inspiration!

Epik High’s Tablo

Epik High’s Tablo recently appeared in an interview with NME. It is known that Tablo is a big inspiration to all artists in the k-pop industry. NME asked Tablo how it feels to hold such a position and Tablo replied with “I mean…it’s an amazing feeling when you know that you’ve [impacted] someone’s life [positively]. The fact that people, artists who have been [influenced and impacted] by us that have taken [on] wings to the point where they’re [impacting] the entire world. That is…an indescribable feeling.”

He added, “Because it’s crazy, right? When we were just starting out, there were artists that influenced us and made us want to become musicians. Then we became musicians, and we had a fairly big sphere of influence [through which] we could positively [impact] a certain number of people, and luckily, some of these people became artists. Not just BTS, but [also] other younger artists, indie musicians, idol groups that have cited us as inspirations.” Tablo talked about how he was proud to see the new k-pop idols forming a sphere of positivity and influence that was wider than Epik Highs’ sphere.


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