V, a member of BTS, shocked fans on Friday by posting an unheard song. On his Instagram Stories, the K-pop artist posted a series of videos featuring the song. The music was playing in a Mustang he was driving in Hawaii, presumably on vacation.

V seemed in the video to be his own K-drama protagonist, enjoying his song while driving around town. The BTS member wore a blue flowery shirt while singing along to the song, as shown in a photo he shared on Thursday night.

The ‘I love you’ video was released by the BTS member. V claimed the music was produced a long time ago on Weverse. “I created it here,” he stated, according to BTS Weverse translation on Instagram. “It’s simply a song I composed a long time ago, but the feeling was really wonderful.”

BTS fans have reacted to the song in a variety of ways. While many people applauded V for his baritone voice, some believe his mixtape, called KTH1, is on the way.

“Kim Taehyung just gave us a new song like that, and I can’t stop listening- it’s so lovely oh my god,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Wait, is this the purple song?” “Wait, is this the purple song?” A new song from Kim Taehyung? Please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your mixtape,” said another. “KTH1 is absolutely arriving on December 30,” a third fan said, referring to V’s birthday.

“I thought we were on a break,” fans stated, referring to the group’s intention to take a long sabbatical from work. “I thought we were on hiatus, my heart can’t take it anymore,” one admirer stated. “Is Kim Taehyung working on a new song?” Please allow me to take a deep breath. This is something I can no longer do. Another added, “I thought we were on a break?”

BTS fans have also remarked that it’s difficult to keep up with the group’s posts, especially because each member has their own Instagram account. The members have been active on the network, publishing photographs and videos and connecting with followers on We verse.

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