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Interviewer Liam McEwan reveals what BTS is truly like and how he has become a part of ARMY!

Liam McEwan

BTS has appeared for more interviews than we can count. However, not all interviews have been adored by the ARMY. Liam McEwan is a truly special celebrity interviewer and BTS adores him too.

Liam McEwan joined Twitter Spaces #BT21UNDERGROUND. There he revealed that he thinks ARMY is stanning the correct people. He said, “When I first met them, they were famous, but they weren’t like megastars. Now, they’re just the biggest thing on the planet. You know, I interviewed them recently, and they haven’t changed as guys. They’re still the same humble dudes no matter how much fame, success, money, power, influence they have, they have stayed BTS, and I respect that because I get to interview some pretty cool people, and not everyone is as humble as them, so I think you guys … are stanning the right people.”

Liam also talked about how he became a part of ARMY ever since he found out about BTS! He said, “It was an authentic thing for me as well becoming a fan of them because… how could I be so exposed to it and not genuinely like what they do? And because I was becoming a fan, I was like, ‘Oh, I actually know what to talk to these guys about.’ I know what the fans want to hear, what they want to talk about, what they get asked about a lot, what to kind of avoid. Also, they’re young guys, they’re around my age, so it was a cool interview, and I’m lucky I’m able to do that with them.”


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