On Saturday, BTS fans wished Jin on social media. Some of his Indian admirers got inventive and blended a BTS song with Tattad Tattad dance by Ranveer Singh. BTS’ Jin released a new song called Super Tuna on his birthday. A fan released a video of Ranveer Singh’s song Tattad Tattad from the film Ram-Leela with the audio swapped with Jin’s Super Tuna on Sunday, only a day after Jin turned 29.

More than 1 lakh people saw this version on YouTube after it was shared via a fan account, and the video also received a lot of attention on Twitter. “Amazing!” one YouTube commenter said of the footage. There are so many dance covers from over the world! It features Jin’s clear and flexible voice and has a very catchy and vibrant song. “Saranghae Seokjinie,” says the narrator. “Thanks to Jin, I finally understand why Bollywood movies are so popular,” another admirer said. It’s a lot of fun and addicting, and it’s extremely fantastic.”

Meanwhile, in the comments area, one fan left a long birthday message for Jin, writing, “This video worked nicely with the music.” Jin said that his music was humiliating, but I disagree. It was fantastic, so let’s make him happy by completing the Super Tuna challenge and demonstrating to Jin that this was not at anyway humiliating. We adore him, and we wish him a very happy birthday.”

Jin’s Indian admirers took out an ad spot in a Mumbai mall to broadcast a special birthday video prepared for him on his birthday. Jin sings and performs in a succession of footage in the assembled video. Each clip began with a title that praised Jin. The video had titles like ‘top tier visual, “silver vocalist belting King,’ ‘Dancer,’ and ‘song composer.’ “Caution: overwhelmed with love, Indian BTS fans, Seokjin India,” it concluded.

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