BTS members recently did solo interviews to a South Korean magazine, where they discussed a variety of topics. In their individual interviews, BTS member Jungkook discussed growing up in the spotlight, and J-Hope discussed a creative lull.

Jungkook debuted as a singer with BTS at the age of 15 in 2013. In the interview, the singer admitted that as he gets older, he can feel the ‘pressure’ increasing. He does, however, recognize BTS’ impact on the fans, ARMY.

“As I get older, I’m starting to feel a lot more pressure.” I’m not exceptionally wonderful, nor am I particularly good or virtuous. I’m a regular guy that gets chastised by the other members for my juvenile behavior. If the world perceives us as having a good impact, then I need to attempt to change and match my actions and ideas to those principles,” he told Vogue Korea in their current edition.

The singer also expressed his appreciation for the support of his fans. Apart from showering the members with affection, BTS fans have made news for their charity efforts. The devotion has affected and inspired Jungkook, he added. “It seemed like there was nothing I could do to make a difference. “I’ve come to the decision that performing a decent job, like I have been doing, is the best thing I can do for the Army,” he explained.

J-Hope, on the other hand, discussed his second mixtape in a solo interview with the same outlet. The rapper released a mixtape called Hope World in 2018. While fans wait for the follow-up album, J-Hope admitted that he recently struck a creative bottleneck and has been rewriting his compositions.

“Dancing introduced me to music, and I still require assistance when it comes to music.” I recently had a problem after meeting with many producers to offer my music and receive comments. I lost confidence when I realized the musical path, I’d selected was difficult. I’m eager to get beyond this stumbling block, but progress has been slow, which makes me feel embarrassed. ‘Is this my limit?’ I couldn’t help but wonder. But I’m working on progressively conquering this obstacle.” J-hope expressed his thoughts.

BTS has also been working on their group album. Members RM and Suga were spotted hinting the album’s atmosphere on an episode of In the Soop 2 BTS Ver, while Jungkook was seen crafting lyrics for a single. In a recent announcement about BTS’ sabbatical, the group’s agency, Big Hit Music, also announced that an album is in the works.

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