BTS and their military service status have been the subject of much controversy. There has been a lot of uncertainty over the previous two years over whether they should join the military or not, so we’ve answered all of your questions here, including when they’ll join, a little history, and how the ARMY is dealing to it all.

For over a year, the required military duty of the BTS boy has been a source of anxiety for the whole ARMY as well as the South Korean government.

With so much uncertainty, it’s possible that all of the boys will serve in the military at the same time.

“It is projected that the BTS members would enroll in the military concurrently before mid-2022,” according to Soompi, a story concerning HYBE that BTS will enlist in the army collectively. The real time of inactivity will be roughly one year,” research analyst Yoo Sung Man stated, taking into account the influence of the material that will be pre-produced ahead of their enlistments.

Last year, the South Korean government enacted a measure allowing BTS members to defer their required military duty until they are 30 years old. BTS received a specific revision to the Military Service Act.

BTS has a global fan base and has sold over 32 million records to date. The boy band has won many Grammys and is the first K-pop group to reach the top of the US and UK charts.

The lads have contributed billions of dollars to the South Korean economy since their debut in 2013, and the group alone attracts thousands of visitors from across the world, so living a life away from the spotlight will have an impact not just on them but also on the South Korean government.

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