Snoop Dogg surprised ARMY last month by revealing that a collaboration with BTS is in the works. While BTS has remained silent, Snoop Dogg has decided to provide an update on their upcoming single.

Snoop said to The Buzz that he has already recorded his part of the song and delivered it to BTS. “You have to talk to them,” he continued, “but…my bits are in.” Snoop Dogg, ARMY joked, beats BTS leader RM at dishing out spoilers. “The fact that Snoop Dogg beat Joon to spoilers is ridiculous,” one fan remarked. “This is how we’re truly living.”

“Bighit’s intern observing Snoop Dogg at the back of the camera so he can avoid spilling spoilers,” another wrote, using a Spongebob meme. “Thanks Snoop Dogg for the update as BTS has dusted us,” another said.

When asked if they were working with Snoop Dogg on the Grammys Red Carpet, BTS’ RM shrugged it off. “Do we have any plans to work with him?” “Call us,” he continued, “we’re open.” “I don’t know, the label’s going to hate us,” he responded when probed further. They would be delighted to work with him, he added.

Snoop talked to AV Club in March about BTS and revealed specifics about the cooperation. “You keep mentioning the BTS experience. I’ll leave it to them to tell you about it. It’s official, like a whistle-blowing referee. That entertainment world fascinates me. It’s a nice piece of music. It has (a) vibe about it. I’m a talented musician. They have a terrific sound. And this is what we end up doing. “Bringing our worlds together is what it’s all about,” Snoop remarked.

Meanwhile, BTS will release their new album on June 10, just before of their ninth anniversary, after a thrilling four-day show in Las Vegas. For the series Our Blues, Jimin has published his OST With You.

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