After young females planned to flee to South Korea, Turkey’s government will investigate K-Pop and K-Drama material for ‘harming youth.’

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The Turkish government has said that it is investigating K-Pop and K-Drama content for the possibility of ‘harming’ the country’s young. This follows a scheme by a group of young females, ages 11, 13, and 15, to flee to South Korea.

The ladies stated that their enthusiasm for K-Pop and K-Dramas drove them to make such a hasty choice, according to sources.

Despite contradictory comments on several Turkish news portals, netizens have been buzzing over the event, which they have dubbed “Special Operation BTS.” According to reports, the Ministry of Family and Social Services has intervened to examine the situation and has placed K-Pop in general under scrutiny.

Aside from that, officials have said that K-Pop artists are a menace to Turkey’s young. Much of their worries have been linked to anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments, according to reports. According to the claims, K-pop is causing their country’s young to abandon ‘traditional values’ and even’reject their families.’

In 2019, a Turkish commentator stated that BTS were part of a worldwide plan to establish a gender-free society, as well as warning that the band would cause “gender identity confusion” among young people.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services is presently doing study to see if it qualifies as dangerous internet content that may have a detrimental influence on young people. The government is monitoring social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube as part of this inquiry.

Turkey recorded the 19th greatest number of K-Pop-related Tweets in the globe last year, according to Twitter data. Turkish fans are also ranked 10th in terms of the amount of time spent consuming K-Pop material and 9th in terms of the amount of money spent on K-Pop (USD 108 per person per year).

Although there have been contradicting statements on various Turkish news portals, netizens have been buzzing about the incident and dubbed it as “Special Operation BTS.” It has been reported that the Ministry of Family and Social Services has stepped in to investigate the matter and put K-Pop as a whole under the scanner.


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