BLACKPINK’s Jennie has posted a dance cover and fans can’t keep calm!


Jennie from BLACKPINK is known for her amazing visuals, beautiful voice and her hard work. Not only that, she is a great dancer and performer as well. Jennie has just proved that yet again.

With the help of YGX choreographer, Silvergun, Jennie has blown up the internet. She recently took to her official Instagram account and uploaded a video of herself on Instagram story. The story features a choreography of her and Silvergun, dancing on “Peaches” by Justin Bieber.

She captioned her story with

“Our 🍑 I didn’t get to share on YouTube

Here’s a practice video I’m sneaking…

It was on the first day I learned, so I made a lot of mistakes. But I had so much fun with my beloved Eunchong eonni so I’m sharing, even though it’s embarrassing. 🤍”

Silvergun replied with “Oh no T_T 🤍 My baby Jen practised really hard for this though.”

In the second part of her story, she commented “Are you ready for the next one sis? @silvergunnnn,” and Silvergun replied, “Totally 🤍 LET’SGETIT”.

The video has gone viral on Twitter as fans keep reposting it and sharing it. BLINKS are super proud of Jennie.


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