In a new thrilling criminal thriller Korean drama from iQiyi and tvN, Lee Dong-wook and Squid Game actor Wi Ha-joon feature. With the mystery of a savage vigilante with a devilish smile, Bad and Crazy takes corruption and murder to new heights. Fans may anticipate detective Ryu Soo-yeo (Lee) to use corruption to obtain an advantage in gaining a promotion in this K-drama.

When a rookie officer becomes entangled in a murder case, Soo-plan yeo’s takes a detour. The case involves a tainted police force as well as politics. Bad and Crazy contains almost everything that will entice viewers to tune in.

Something is wrong with Ryu Soo-yeo, the main character. Lee plays a well-known detective with flawless abilities in catching criminals in the Tale of the Nine-Tailed actor Lee portrays a well-known detective with impeccable skills in catching criminals in the Tale of the Nine-Tailed. He has a corrupt side that is thirsty for fame and promotion underneath his charm. In the first episode of Bad and Crazy, Soo-yeo was seen fighting in an underground ring. However, he awakens in his bathtub at home.

Fans will begin to suspect that Soo-yeo has a secret side that he is unaware of. He has no recollection of some activities. The appearance of a strange helmet-wearing man adds to the intrigue, since other witnesses insist the figure does not exist. Soo-sanity yeo’s is pushed, and he may be pushed to be righteous by the mystery vigilante.

“He does certain terrible things for the sake of his future and profession,” Lee adds to Soompi, “and he tries to turn a blind eye and avoid doing good things.” He’s a character who is preoccupied with himself.”

Soo-yeo has a moral side, despite his desire to placate an assemblyman in order to obtain his favour for a promotion. Soo-yeo defends rookie officer of Kyeong-tae (Cha Hak-yeon) as he is entangled in a murder case.

Kyeong-tae attracts the attention of other investigators in the K-drama because of his investigation into the missing person case. As investigators and police officers try to persuade Kyeong-tae to discontinue his research, the case swiftly becomes clear that it has deeper links.

The goal of Bad and Crazy isn’t to keep viewers guessing about who the killer is. Fans have known since the first episode who is to blame for the mother’s death and who assisted in the cover-up. The central question in the K-plot drama’s is whether the mystery vigilante would persuade Soo-yeo to return to his former self as a good detective and assist Kyeong-tae in his quest for justice for his mother

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