Director Anthony King talks about how it felt to work with BLACKPINK’s Lisa!


BLACKPINK has conquered new heights in the world of k-pop. Lisa worked with Director Anthony King on three installments of “LILI’s FILM” series: #3, #4, and “The Movie.”

Anthony recently sat down for an interview with FO SQUAD Kpop. In the interview, talked about his experience while working with Lisa. He revealed that he wasn’t nervous because of his experience in the field but he knew that he was “shooting the biggest, hottest K-Pop idol chick in Asia — in the world!”

King also spilled details about how there were two camera mishaps on the set. Once a guy from the crew knocked over a camera and the other time his camera focus and his memory card stopped working. They had to reshoot the scenes. He said, “Lisa, when we filmed “The Movie,” she was so cool, she was so chill. Her energy was just dope. She was like just chilling, cracking jokes, just having fun, you know what I mean? Like while just killing it.” King said, “Lisa is a god at performing.” He also added that he never had to ask Lisa to do better. She exceeded all his expectations.

In the end, FO Squad asked him to talk about any unknown stories, but King said he had nothing else to talk about “besides my camera stuff being whatever and just Lisa being god-tier perfect.”


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