GOT7’s Jinyoung looks stunning in the first stills released by “The Devil Judge” team!

GOT7’s Jinyoung

GOT7 is a very popular Korean kpop boy band. Jinyoung has now been cast in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘The Devil Judge’ and fans can’t keep calm. The drama ‘The Devil Judge’ has released the first stills which show Jinyoung in a stunning look.

The drama has been gathering a lot of attention for having not only a unique and capturing storyline but also, a star cast. The tvN drama will be showing an alternate universe South Korea. It will present a South Korea wherein all trials are attended by citizens via a live broadcast courtroom show.

Ji Sung will be seen as a head judge, Kang Yo Han, who has suspicious and hidden intentions. Jinyoung will star as Kim Ga On, an assistant judge who is the epitome of honesty, humanity, and justice. He will be seen fighting for justice and the truth in a society that is corrupted with power.  Kim Ga On is a self-made man who became a judge despite facing many tough times in his childhood. He will go head to head with the cunning judge, Kang Yo Han.

“The Devil Judge” will premiere on July 3 and can be seen on Viki.


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