Here are the most fashionable K-Pop bands!


K-Pop K-PopK-Pop!!! The craze and fan following of K-pop is across the world. Some of the K-pop bands amazed us not only with their music but also with their fashion styles. So the most fashionable bands chosen by fans are none other than  BTS, Blackpink and Red Velvet.



BTS the boys band has left an impact with their DYNAMITE fashion style in our hearts. Now talking about their street-like dressing style, they use mixture of brands like Gucci, Bottega Veneta and Berluti. If you want to dress like them then you can wear an oversize T-shirt tucked-in with the ripped jeans.



In the world full of fashion and trends the beautiful, talented and stunning girls of Blackpink have made a unique place with their unique style. Each of the member of this band is unique in their own way and all of them are official brand ambassador.

The outfits they select are from the brands like Saint Laurent, Chanel, Celine, Dior and the makeup brands they use are of Moonshot, Chanel and Dior etc.

Red Velvet:


The 5 members of Red Velvet are fashion trailblazer who always look good in any of the outfits they wear. This band is famous for their style and bubbly songs. Their album “Bad boy” hit 300+ views. In the album they were looking outstanding in the graphic tees, leopard print and fishnet. One of the member of Red Velvet Seulgi also nominated in top 100 most beautiful women.


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