Hwang In Yeop shares details about his life in a new interview

Hwang In Yeop

Hwang In Yeop has been a fan favorite ever since he played Han Seo-joon in True Beauty! He was recently seen in a ‘pop quiz’ with Marie Claire where he spilled some details about his life.
Hwang In Yeop was supposed to pop a balloon and answer the questions inside them. The first question talked about the best and worst food that he ate this week. He revealed that he had made tteokbokki and that was his best food of the week. However, when he made it the second time, it wasn’t as good. He also revealed that he loves spicy food so he doesn’t add cheese to his tteokbokki.
When asked about his most frequently worn shoes, he pointed to his Nike Dunk Low Retro Black sneakers. When asked about his preferred songs, he reveals he is listening to Nell’s “Time Walking on Memories,”. This is a song he used to listen to in his high school. He also enjoys “Freezing” by Bren Joy.

Hwang was asked who he talks to most on the phone. His answer was “It’s someone I really like, called Kim Hyeok Joon. I’ve been talking to him on the phone a lot. Let’s
speak on the phone again soon” Turns out Kim Hyeok Joon is his manager.
He also talks about his love for cola and his wish of meditating in the morning!


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