Lee Jong Suk in talks to make a comeback with an upcoming drama

Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is a world famous actor and his absence was hurtful for all fans. Lee Jong Suk had to enlist in the Korean army according to the korean law. His hiatus began in 2019 and fans have been waiting for his return ever since.

According to a report from Ilgan sports, Lee Jong Suk was offered a role in an upcoming drama. The drama is a legal genre and is titled Big Mouth. After the word got out, his agency A-MAN Project stated that Lee Jong Suk has been offered the role of the main lead in Big Mouth and he is currently reviewing it.

Big Mouth is a legal kdrama following the story of a third rate lawyer, Park Chang Ho and what happens when he takes up a murder case. He is said to be a terrible lawyer who has only 10 percent chance of winning the case. He starts digging deeper and bizarre things come to light. He will play the role of a lower middle class lawyer who has to make a difficult choice: either become evil himself to protect all that he holds dear or lose everything to protect just himself.
Fans are hoping to see Lee Jong Suk on the screens again


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