India’s most popular entertainment mega app, is now providing fans some of the finest Korean dramas to binge watch! K-dramas have become a new hot favourite among Indian audiences, thanks to their original storylines from a recognisable culture in a variety of genres including as romances, soap operas, and thrillers. And, despite the fact that the popularity of K-Dramas is skyrocketing, there is still one huge issue: viewing the programme in Korean while reading through a slew of subtitles, which for many people ruins the experience. This issue has already been resolved, thanks to MX Player. Whether you want to watch a suspenseful mystery drama or a swoon-worthy rom-com, #KDramasonMX allows you to view the series for free, dubbed in Hindi.

Dr. Stranger – Dr. Stranger is an interesting, heart-warming, and enjoyable series about a young doctor (Lee Jong-Suk) who quits North Korea and travels to his first home in the South, where he becomes a top surgeon, pledging to reconcile with the lady who resembled the one he had left behind.

Dr. Romantic – This South Korean drama follows two physicians, Kang Dong-Joo (Yoo Yeon-Seok) and Yoon Seo-Jung (Seo Hyun-Jin), as they strive to acclimate to life in a tiny, inconspicuous hospital outside of Seoul. The two of them work together on the most difficult patients while learning from Dr. Kim, the country’s greatest surgeon, who vanishes after an accident, changes his name, and begins practising in the same hospital.

Goblin – This is a must-see for all fans of romantic/fantasy series. It’s about a modern-day Goblin who seeks a human wife to help him remove an invisible sword from his chest and terminate his endless life. But the fallout is as complicated as it gets!

Heirs – This romantic drama about two adolescents who fall in love in high school is another that we want to binge-watch in Hindi. And we learn about the drama of class, culture, and privilege via their love story.

Rich Man is a rom-com starring Kim Jun-myeon (SUHO), and it follows Lee Yoo Chan, the CEO of an IT business who is pompous and has trust difficulties. His life, however, is turned upside down when Kim Bo Ra, a bright girl from the countryside, begins working for him.

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