Lisa reaches 50 million followers on Instagram


BLACKPINK’s Lisa has achieved yet another milestone on Instagram. Celebrities are usually flooded with millions of followers across various social media platforms and Lisa is no exception. The Thai pop star crossed the 50 million followers mark on Instagram on April 10th.  Lisa is also the first kpop idol to reach this milestone!

Apart from that, Lisa is also the fifth Asian and second Asian woman to have such a large following.  After gaining all these followers, she has become the 37th most popular instagram influencer.

BLINK’s around the world were unhappy when Lisa could not reach 50 million. That is when the hashtag 50MForLisa went trending on Twitter and this helped her reach spread farther.  Now, BLINKs are congratulating Lisa and celebrating this milestone on twitter. Many fans have tweeted and shared how happy they are for the kpop star. Some fans tweeted about how excited they are for Lisa’s upcoming solo debut. YG entertainment has confirmed that Lisa will be debuting as a solo artist before the end of 2021.

BLACKPINK members: Jennie, Rose and Jisoo have also gained followers on instagram. As of now, Jennie has 43.1 million followers while Jisoo and Rose have 38.9 million followers each.


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