Red Velvet’s Joy in talks to star in JTBC Drama ‘Just One Person’

JTBC Drama

Red Velvet’s Joy is popular not just for her stunning voice but also her natural acting. She is a popular kpop Idol but fans loved her performance in the 2018 kdrama ‘Tempted’. She starred alongside Woo Do Hwan and was appreciated.
On April 23rd, it was reported that Joy was cast in the upcoming JTBC Drama ‘Just One Person’. Her label, SM Entertainment confirmed that she had been offered the role and was positively reviewing it.

The kdrama will show the story of a woman who is dying so she decides to kill just one person. However, the story takes a turn and she ends up falling for him. She is terminally ill so she decides to take one more life. Actors Ahn Eun Jin and Park Sung-Hoon are in talks to be casted in the drama.
If Joy accepts the offer, she will be cast as the main lead. The main lead, Sung Mi Do is a famous influencer who is terminally ill. Sung Mi Do realises that she does not have a lot of time left and she experiences lots of emotions. Just One Person is scheduled to begin filming in August and will air in the second half of the year.  This will be her first drama in 3 years.


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