Rose’s new and emotional single ‘Gone’

Rose from Blackpink has released yet another fiery single! Rose took to Instagram on Sunday morning, just mere 30 minutes before the release of her single ‘Gone’ and shared the good news with her awaiting fans.

On 4th April, her single title ‘Gone’ was released on Youtube and the fans cannot stop talking about the mind blowing song. The video has managed to gain a whopping 15 million views within a day of it’s release, along with being on the trending charts in various countries!

The new single is very aesthetically pleasing and is Rose’s way of talking about a past romance that did not work out. She portrays the ups and downs of a failed relationship. The song is being called a heart-touching melody. Rose has managed to show the happy and pleasant as well as the heart breaking phases of a romance in her 3 minute and 41 seconds video.  Her tunes and lyrics have left fans stunned! The single ‘Gone’ sold 6000 copies and was topping the charts at 15 position when it debuted.

Various lyrical videos and fan covers have already found their way into the youtube media. The fans are in love with Rose and her angelic voice.


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