Some K-dramas that you may not know are based on webtoons!


Kdramas are becoming popular all over the world! There are some dramas whose script is originally written as a webtoon and after seeing the success of the webtoon, they are adapted into a k-drama. Here are some kdramas that are surprisingly based on a webtoon:

  1. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You is a very popular kdrama and is known to be an unique one. The storyline revolves around Eun Dan Oh, a supporting character in the world of a comic book and she is desperate to change her role. It is based on the webtoon by Moo Ryoo and was previously titled “July Found by Chance” The webtoon was first released in January 2018 and the drama aired on 2nd October, 2019.

  1. Taxi Driver

This is a new kdrama and it shows the story of a taxi driver who helps oppressed people to get their revenge. It stars Lee Je Hoon as the lead. It is based on a webtoon written by Carlos and has illustrations by Lee Jae Jin.

  1. Clean with Passion for Now

This drama is based on a webtoon by Aengo. It portrays the story of a messy girl and a CEO who suffers from mysophobia. Their two personalities might be different but they end up falling for each other. The k drama is known for its mixture of romance and comedy.


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