Following Crash landing on You and Something in The Rain, everything having Son Ye-jin in the cast is added to my watchlist. After Hospital Playlist, Jeon Mi-do is in the same boat. In JTBC’s current series Thirty-Nine alongside Kim Ji-hyun, the two play the leads. Thirty-Nine is the story of three 39-year-old female friends navigating love, humor, and emotional upheaval in their lives.

Apart from my two favorite actors, one moment in the trailer convinced me to watch it: three friends in full hiking gear decide to turn around and settle for baeksu (drinks) since a sign warns of bees, and one of them adds that she hurt her ankle when golfing.

Thirty-Nine, directed by Kim Sang Ho and written by Yoo Yong Ah, explores life at an age when men and women no longer fear other people’s opinions and may be able to accomplish things they couldn’t do when they were younger. They also set out to discover love ‘naturally,’ without trying to hide the small wrinkles that are beginning to appear on their faces.

Son Yi -jin portrays Cha Mi Do, a cosmetologist who proclaims her desire to take a sabbatical to play golf in the series. Kim Ji-hyun portrays Jang Joo-hee, a cosmetic consultant who is stuck in a dreary work. Jeon Mi-do plays Jeong Chan-young, an acting coach who tries to teach actors to emote.

The story also features a tangled relationship between two ex-lovers, which some may misinterpret as an adulterous affair.

There’s also a look at how an adopted child may embrace her ‘adopted’ identity happily (despite the fact that her father adopted her for political purposes) and win over her sister and adopted family.

While a little romance brightens the lives of the single gals, this, like most other K-dramas, gently emphasizes the significance of regular health exams.

When the tale progresses through the second episode, tears well up in your eyes as you learn that one of them is in the fourth stage of pancreatic cancer; instead, it is due to the buddy’s despair at the prospect of losing a friend. In one touching scene, Cha Mi-loss do’s manifests itself as fury, prompting her to weep to Jeong Chan-old young’s boyfriend Kim Jin-seok (played by Lee Moo-saeng).

The series focuses on making Jeong Cha-young “the happiest terminally sick patient” from the second episode onwards, which they finally realize isn’t that easy after all.

Thirty-Nine concludes on a bright note, reminding everyone that life carries on even if someone is missing.

Thirty-Nine is presently available to watch on Netflix.

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