TXT’s Soobin reveals some must-watch Netflix movies and shows!

TXT’s Soobin

TXT’s Soobin is known to be a huge fan of movies and shows. He recently sat down for a live and fans asked him for recommendations. Here are some pieces that Soobin suggests fans watch:

  1. Parasite

This award bagging piece is on everyone’s list. It became the first Korean film to bag an Oscar. It won 4 awards: “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” “Best Original Screenplay,” and “Best International Feature Film.” Soobin then revealed, “So most of the things that I watch on Netflix are R-rated. Because I told you this before, I like the ones with provocative stories. …or cruel, or people fighting. And most of them are R-rated, and I like watching those.”

  1. The Good Place

Soobin said, “It’s about the afterlife. In short, it’s about heaven and hell. So the good place is heaven and the bad place is hell. … So the people who belong to the top few per cent by living a good life can go to a good place… But the evil people who did really bad things and lied to people were located to a good place due to a system error…”

  1. What Happened to Monday

Soobin said, “Due to food shortage, people started making genetically modified food. And something bad happened there, so it didn’t just modify the food, but it also affected people. So people started giving birth to too many babies, so it got overpopulated, which led to a shortage of water and food. The government declared a one-child policy. So, if a family has more than one child, they would put the other into cryosleep.”


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