5 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid for Healthier Skin


Taking good care of your skin is important for more than just your looks. We usually ignore the unhealthy signs that our skin gives us. Eating well and taking proper care is crucial for skin heath. Many of us make the same mistakes while having a shower. The first mistake is changing the soap, shampoo and body wash frequently. Here are some mistakes that can be avoided:

Spending a long time in shower

To protect your skin, try to take short showers lasting for about 5 to 10 minutes. While conditioning or shaving try to turn off the water. After the bath clean your skin with a soft cloth.

Using extremely hot water

It’s a most common mistake made by all of us. Increasing the temperature of the water while having shower may feel good at that moment but it doesn’t bode well with the skin.

Cleaning with harsh products

Avoid using products which can cause irritation and dry skin. Products which are too aggressive or fragrant or antibacterial soaps can lead to irritation. Try to use products which are gentle and suitable to your skin.

Scrubbing the skin with a loofah

Instead of using a loofah, use your hands to massage your skin. If you are using a loofah, change it after every 30 days.

 Not applying moisturizer after shower

Even though having a lukewarm or short shower it is necessary to moisturize your skin as your skin feels dry, itchy and tight afterwards. Try to massage your skin for almost 1 minute before coming out of the shower.


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