Avoid Visiting these ‘PLACES’ in India during Monsoon

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Traveling during monsoon is no less that fun as you get to witness cloudy and rainy weather that you can enjoy with hot cup of tea and corn of course. But do you know there are several beautiful places that you should avoid traveling during monsoon and that witnesses high rainfall which can a disaster to your life. Several places have the chances of heavy rainfall, landslide, flooding and this can lead to damage to our lives and property.

In some places the heavy downpour and extreme floods are also witness and therefore these cities and places should be highly avoided, while you make your monsoon travel plans.

Here are five places that you must avoid visiting during monsoon.

  • Sikkim

Sikkim is a very beautiful place to visit but not during monsoon as it can be a bad idea. Monsoon is not the right time to visit this northeaster state.  Streets are awful, and you can barely venture out to enjoy into any sort of touring. You will barely get the chance to enjoy the scenic mountain views as it gets obscured out by the mists.

  • Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand witnessed the tragic surge in 2013, the flooding that took away lives of many people. It has been one of the most influenced area during monsoon in our country. Heavy destruction of landslide and flooding takes place during monsoon. You will not be able to enjoy the beautiful scenic spots as roads go under the worst condition during monsoon. This beautiful place is good for summer but not for monsoon.

  • Mumbai

Some parts of the crowded metropolitan city gets flooded every time when the city witnesses heavy rainfall. Traveling from one place to other place becomes very difficult and hectic. Water logging also occurs in some part of the city, and therefore don’t make any plans to travel in Mumbai during monsoon.

  • Chennai

The traffic in this city during monsoon makes it almost difficult to visit the tourist places. Chennai is majorly flooded during rainfall and the water does not recede easily. If you don’t have any urgency or work related visit, try avoiding this city during monsoon.

  • Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a very beautiful place, but not during monsoon as it faces roadblocks and heavy rainfall, which also causes Road obstructions during monsoon. The beautiful Kangchendzonga views are impeded by downpour mists and heavy showers is witness is some hilly regions due to which you can barely enjoy any tourist attractions. Therefore, traveling Darjeeling during monsoon should be avoided until few days of August.


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