Benefits of rubbing ice cubes on your face

Benefits of rubbing ice cubes

In today’s time we all leave no stone unturned when it comes to skincare. We all wish to have flawless face, but sometimes due to unavoidable dust, dirt, pollution, sun exposure, stress and of course our unhealthy eating habits give rise to problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, pores, acne, dull skin and sometimes puffiness for that matter. 

For curing these problems, we use a hell lot of products and end up spending a big chunk of money, but do you know you can cure these problems by just rubbing ice cubes on your face? Yes, you read that right. 

Applying ice cubes on your face provides you lots of benefits and cures your skin problems. Roll four to five ice cubes covered in a soft cotton cloth on your face in circular motions for a few minutes to see the difference. 

Ice facials or cold therapy are very popular because of multiple reasons like it is easy to do, it’s inexpensive and most importantly it is natural and non-chemical based. 

Check out the benefits below:

  • Make skin glow instantly

Rubbing ice on your face reduces tiredness and improves blood circulation which brightens your complexion and leads to instant glow.

  • Soothes acne
Benefits of rubbing ice cubes

Applying ice on acne reduces redness and inflammation by improving blood flow and also helps in shrinking pores and reduces excessive oil production. 

  • Reduces puffiness around the eyes

When you apply ice on your face regularly it reduces swelling and puffiness by shrinking dilated blood vessels. 

  • Reduce the signs of aging

Applying ice tighten the pores of your skin and slow down the ageing process like wrinkles and fine lines making your skin look radiant, firm and younger. 

  • Cures sunburn

Applying ice cubes helps to treat sunburns as it helps to get rid of redness and inflammation caused due to sun exposure.

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